Whether you’re a small business owner, or a larger one, you know that there’s a significant amount of your capital going towards advertising and marketing. Sure, billboards, internet ads, or other printed flyers can have a major impact on how successful your venture in gaining clients is. But you have to keep in mind that these forms of advertisement can get pricey, quickly. On average, you could be spending up to a grand or much, much more for paid media, and that’s a grand you can’t put towards growing your actual business.

If your business involves some form of consulting, or maybe a trade like plumbing, you might be driving around from client to client, but that’s a lot of down-time just driving, depending on your destinations. You’re probably arranging meetings to be efficient in making your route, but you can still be looking at over an hour a day of straight driving down-time. So what if you could passively advertise your business at a very low cost during this down-time?

If you’re constantly driving back-and-forth, people will see that you’re working very hard to deliver results, but they won’t know that you’re working unless you shout it out to them. And no, we don’t mean literally shouting out. Vinyl wrapping on cars is becoming very popular in the world of cars, to get nice finishes and pretty colours, but did you know that some car wrapping and detailing services will also do custom wrapping? If you give them a logo and placement, some of these places will wrap your car in vinyl with the logo and slogan of your business. So while you’re out-and-about your driving duties, you’re letting everyone on the street know that your business exists, and that you’re working as hard as possible to make sure your clients are getting those fantastic results.

Now, only some of these detailing services will do that custom wrapping. Many of them won’t, but Czok Wrapping will. On top of that, you can get a free quote for how much your wrapping will cost, which will still be significantly cheaper than almost any other kinds of marketing or advertising. With that free quote and the potential of growing your client-base, you’re guaranteed to get the results you’re looking for.