We are officially on countdown until businesses come together to connect with local suppliers, showcase their brands and meet new customers at the fifth Leigh Expo.

Ahead of 6th July, we spoke to a range of exhibitors who reveal their key advice for business owners who have growth in their sights.

Here’s our round up of the top five business growth tips – one for each year of the Expo to date:

  1. Get your finances in order

Nick Baxendale, Director at DonnellyBentley Chartered Accountants in Bolton says:

“Starting a new venture is an exciting and challenging time but as your new venture gathers pace it’s easy to get carried away, particularly where the finances are concerned. Make sure that you maintain financial discipline, it’s crucial to building solid foundations for your business. Nowadays, the availability of some fantastic cloud accounting software has made it far easier to maintain accurate accounts, giving you important insights into your business performance at your fingertips and helping you to complete financial tasks accurately and on time.”

Meet Nick and the team at stall B30 at Leigh Expo.

  1. Let your love for your business do the talking

Victoria Gregson, Marketing Manager at Cre8 Marketing and Creative Agency, says:

“Regardless of the size of the client we’re working with, it’s crucial that we get under the skin of their organisation to understand what makes them tick. Every business is different, and they all – even one-man businesses – have their own unique brands which set them apart from their competitors. People are passionate about their businesses, and communicating that is essential to build trust and long-term relationships with the people you want to work with. The growth of the internet and social media has created a noisy marketplace, so our top tips are to know what makes you different, know who you want to work with and let your love for your business do the talking!”

Meet Your Marketing Goodguys at stall B07 at Leigh Expo

3. Don’t compromise when protecting your business

Phil Donoghue, Managing Director of Cloud4 Computing, says:

“With cyber attacks on the rise, it is more important than ever for businesses to protect the IT networks that are the lifeblood of their business. Moving away from traditional local networks and services onto cloud-based servers and services where resilience is built-in can help to protect your business.

It’s something every business owner hopes never happens to them – but security and now compliance with GDPR for example shouldn’t be compromised. Come and chat to us at stand B017 to learn more about maintaining and protecting your business.”

Meet Phil and the team on stand B17 at Leigh Expo.

  1. Face problems head on

Andrew Stockton, Managing Partner and Head of Commercial at Dootsons Solicitors, says:

“Everyone comes across problems in business and some seem insurmountable. Usually they are not. Don’t ignore them. Face them, take the right advice and you will find a solution. The next time the issue arises you will know what to do. That’s experience!”

Meet Andrew and the team at stand B42 at Leigh Expo


Give your staff the skills to stay flexible

Jane Savvides, Head of Partner Management at InTec Business Solutions, says:

“Maximise your company’s efficiencies with remote working for all – a decade ago, home working seemed reserved for only the most senior executives or ‘on the road’ sales teams. Nowadays, most businesses take advantage of laptops, smart phones and the holy grail of cloud services. But there is still a disconnect between the basic remote working tools most employers offer their employees – and the more technologically advanced solutions that are available in the market. Come and chat to us to discover the many possibilities for your business.”

Meet Jane and the team at stand B09 at Leigh Expo

Meet Nick, Victoria, Phil, Andrew, Jane and more than forty other exhibitors who can connect your business with the skills, knowledge and services that will help your business to grow by completing your free registration for Leigh Expo today.