Award-winning bronzing beauty brand Sunkissed is celebrating the successful launch of its digital advertising campaign #SunkissedReady, to promote the launch of its new Ultra Dark Selfie Ready Tan and new look Sunkissed cosmetics collection.

The campaign features five of the UK’s fastest growing beauty YouTubers, including Stephanie Toms, Grace & Grace, Amy Rose Walker and Jordan Lipscombe, who create key looks using Sunkissed products.

Since the launch of the campaign in March, Sunkissed sales have experienced a sharp rise, particularly through the website, where sales are up 300% on the previous quarter before the campaign started.  


The campaign, which has gone live on each of the Youtuber’s channels, as well as advertising shorter edits on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, is achieving record engagement levels that are significantly higher than beauty industry averages.


Manchester digital agency, Return, who is managing the campaign, commented: With Video View Percentages as high as 51.74% on some of the creatives, Sunkissed is performing massively above the industry average of 9.38%, as set by Facebook for their vertical.  


“Even more exciting, is that as of the campaign’s midway point, 53.87% of all viewers who watched 3 seconds of any campaign video graduated on to watch a minimum of 10 seconds.  

“This means 53.87% of everyone who thumb-stopped, ended up having a real, intimate experience of a brand they had never previously interacted with on Social.  This is more than double the vertical standard of 20.05%, and ahead of the 8-second exposure deemed by Facebook to the be the key metric in developing Brand Awareness in a cluttered Social space.


“With a focus on Paid Sponsorship to deliver high-quality content to audiences outside of its Organic reach, the campaign has been able to deliver Sunkissed’s exceptional Influencer collateral to new audiences that have been specifically targeted to provide real business value, as they move through their journey across Social, YouTube, Organic and In-store.


“Using native-style, intimate content in formats such as Get Ready With Me, IG Stories and Tutorials has allowed us to grab the attention of Gen Z’ers and Millenials in a way that feels natural, authentic and engaging.  Paired with precise, efficient targeting available to Paid Sponsorship,


we’ve been able to marry the best of both worlds and deliver a powerful experience of the brand to young women across the country who were previously inaccessible to the brand.”


Rainbow’s Managing Director, Stephen Sharman says “We’re delighted with the response to our #SunkissedReady campaign, which has already received over 3 million views and significantly impacted sales across all our retail channels.”