The PopUp Business school is looking to make waves in the Trafford district of Manchester. Opportunities for growth and learning will be widely available, as ideas in business development will be freely exchanged.

Many business-driven initiatives are taking place throughout the north in an effort to make the economy stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the south. After all, there’s long been a divide between the north and south in terms of the strength of their economies, and many are trying to close this gap entirely. One of these tryers is The PopUp Business School, who are determined to make progress in the north.

Striking out for business success in the north is hoped to be an incredible opportunity instead of riding rocky terrain. The uncertainty is being replaced with productivity and robust prospects, and the newly situated Stretford Mall popup school is fast becoming a pioneer in this area.

Their expert advisors have had a helping hand in raising 365 UK startups onto their feet last year and they have dabbled in many different niches and industries; coaching, entertainment, finance and more. They’ve taken pride in turning entrepreneurial ideas into tangible realities, and in the light of potentially job-hurting events such as Brexit, this ‘home grown attitude’ in business has never been more needed due to the UK cutting many ties with the EU.

From November 12th to the 16th, anyone with a budding business idea can head to Stretford Mall and seek professional guidance and counselling with their ideas. The period involves undertaking an intricate five-day course that focuses on improving professional development and refining managerial techniques. Sessions involve understanding legal quotas, managing social media presence, how to successfully start a business for free and further guidance on achieving faster growth. Marketing advice will also be available.

Of course, it’s not just skills that are on offer here. Confidence comes hand-in-hand with learning, and it’s something that The PopUp Business School is offering in never ending supply. In the same way that Likely Loans offer to help companies, the event at Stretford Mall is aiming to encourage as well as enlighten. This is a huge draw for the five-day course as the focus is entirely on succeeding, in place of sparking anxiety-inducing competition between attendees.

The Trafford Council’s funding has made the event free for all participants due to their work with their partners, and The PopUp Business School itself performs without imposing loans and grants upon attendees. Furthermore, 27% of those who go on the course start their own business and make a sale, showcasing the potential of the free learning experience. In place of nervously pumping money into their startup projects and hoping for success, entrepreneurs can now achieve a more secure business start this week.