From July to September 2018, the North West broke records with the region’s highest ever employment rate, with 75% of 16-64 year olds in work. Unemployment also fell to just 4%. With big names like Amazon creating hundreds of new jobs in Manchester, 2019 could be a promising year for the region’s job market.

Thus Manchester is becoming a truly appealing career destination and if you are planning on moving there, this means that now may be a good time to strive for your dream career. But just how do you know which career path, company or role is perfect for you?

Identify Your Passion

The perfect career looks different to each individual and therefore, the first step is to identify your passion. One way to do this is by asking yourself a series of questions, to help you build a picture of what matters to you the most:

  • What were you interested in as a child?
  • What motivates and inspires you each morning?
  • If you were rich, what type of job would still appeal to you?

You could continue this exercise to analyse your current role:

  • Do you feel your work is meaningful and does it reflect your values?
  • Which aspects of your job do you find enjoyable or engaging?
  • What about your current role or workplace makes you feel unhappy, anxious or unfulfilled?

Analyse Your Experience and Skills

While you could find the funds to invest in an entirely new career, you may already possess skills and qualities that could be utilised in your dream job. As such, consider your strengths and abilities.

For example, are you a good communicator? A visual thinker? Or an analytical person? All of these could potentially be used as a foundation on which to build your perfect career.

Additionally, thinking about the skills you have acquired during your work experience could help you identify the next steps you need to take in order to work in your dream field. One way to do this is to list your ideal jobs and their responsibilities, then cross reference with your current skill set.

Search for Opportunities

After identifying your passion and analysing your experience, you can begin searching for opportunities. When doing so, carefully assess and take a long-term view of each role.

When you find an advert that appeals to you, ask yourself:

  • Does this job align with your passion?
  • How could you progress in this position?
  • What further skills would be required?

Time to Act

When carving out your perfect career, becoming more aware of your passion and skills are essential. Take these steps to help you find your answer and achieve job satisfaction.