The office, just like every other aspect of society is changing rapidly. The reason for this all falls down to our friend technology, of course.

With so many changes happening already, it’s a change that doesn’t look like it’s ready to stop any time soon. Because of this, business need to get ahead of the curve, or risk being left behind and potentially losing employees and business.


Although we’ve all become accustomed to computers, other areas are starting to change, such as the world of HR tech, which is being spearheaded by the likes of Moorepay. So, just what do you need to do to make sure your office is ready for the future? Let us give you some pointers.


The Cloud


If you haven’t already implemented this, or thought about it, then the time to act is now. Removing the need to have bulky servers on-site, this takes all of your files and data and saves them in the cloud elsewhere. Easily accessed by the internet, this will help introduce flexible working and reduce the need for carrying confidential files around. It’s also much safer, as break-ins or fires will ensure your data isn’t damaged, due to it not being inside the company walls.


Conference Lines


Conference calls are a big thing in offices, but there are loads of companies who don’t have reliable ones. That being said, now is the time to move away from traditional conference phones and focus your time and effort on to video calls. This should then help connect you with clients and even remote workers.


Diverse Communication Tools


From whiteboards to sharing screens and even videoing conferencing, all of these work together to allow the sharing of ideas quicker and easier. If you’re still relying on paper then it’s time to move on. Obviously, the needs of each company will differ, so only invest in what you need.




You’ve definitely heard of cyber-attacks, but the thing is, these are becoming much more commonplace, which means no company is really safe. Ensuring you have state of the art; robust cybersecurity is the only way to help combat this. Although it may seem pricey, it’ll be worth it in the long run.




From offering staff the option of a sitting or standing desk, to providing flexible hours or work from home days – all of these are crucial. Office workers like the flexibility these days, and as more and more offices offer the option, you’ll need to offer it too, or risk losing your best team members simply because they couldn’t start an hour later.