Creative and digital agency, Absolute, have launched the next phase of their hugely successful rebrand for NB Colour Print Ltd in the form of a bold new brand book, “Colourful Language”.

NB Colour Print Ltd, based in Chorley, have a long family history in the area and, since 1991, have been constantly innovating to transform the world of print. For the past three years they have worked closely with Absolute to evolve their brand identity across every touchpoint, and this latest book shows that they certainly have a very bright future.
The creative team at Absolute initially helped NB Printers to capture their unique Lancashire personality, combining unmissable branding with a creativity and wit that appealed to a new agency customer base.
Simon Allman, Creative Director at Absolute said: “We started by stripping back the brand, bringing out their vibrancy and northern charm. This is reflected not just in the way they talk, but in the way they work. As a business NB are as bright and colourful as their print, our job was to bring that to life in their copy, typography and design”.
The first output from the rebranding process was the NB Colour Print website, but since then the team have gone on to develop POS, social media content, stationary, photography, staff uniforms and most recently “Colourful Language”, a book of print concepts that brings the whole new brand style together.
Simon explains: “Colourful Language is the embodiment of everything we have worked on so far with NB and is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when creative thinking and high quality print come together. It has been a pleasure to work on a project that’s aimed at like-minded people”.
The brand work was nominated at the Roses Design Awards in 2017, which has helped expand NB’s profile within the creative industry. To follow on from this success, Colourful Language hopes to do the same. In the meantime NB are seeing continuing growth, with the last year being one of their busiest periods.
Doug Nelson, Managing Director at NB Colour Print Ltd said: “It has been really exciting going on this journey with Absolute. They just ‘got us’ from the start and to see the new brand being so well received is fantastic. It feels like a new beginning. And now, “Colourful Language” has really put us on the map, we have enquiries from all over the country and even the type of work has changed. Agencies and creatives seek us out because of our strong and memorable brand, they know we can deliver”.
For more information on the project visit Absolute, to order a copy of Colourful Print contact NB Colour Print Ltd. With thanks to Fedrigoni Paper for their support.