The remote cottage in a field of sheep that is to be transformed into a fairytale home, Keeper’s Cottage will feature on BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer. It stands at 1,100ft above sea level in Diggle , Saddleworth , and its neighbours are a flock of sheep.

But its new owner has dreams of making it a fairytale home. Keeper’s Cottage is one of the most remote houses in Greater Manchester, right on the edges of Oldham . Also known as Game Keeper’s Cottage, it is currently little more than a shell, stands empty and has been unoccupied since the mid 1980s.

But now it’s set to be transformed on BBC morning favourite Homes Under The Hammer, reports The Examiner. It’s got a new owner – Jason Reece, who renovates derelict homes for living with his company Sure Build. And he’s planning to take it from shell to the home of someone’s dreams in 18 months.

It’s a huge job, made more difficult by the fact the property is only accessible by a long, rough track, full of deep, muddy puddles. One of Jason’s first jobs will be to convert the track into something suitable for regular cars. The house, just off the A62 Huddersfield Road, has no roof and no windows – nor has it ever been plumbed in or connected to the grid.

Jason, who has previously featured on the BBC show, says: “The last people to live here were living very basically. They were using batteries for electricity and open fires plus water from the spring nearby.

“It’s probably the most ambitious one we’ve done.”

To make matters more difficult the property lies within the Peak District which makes planning regulations even tighter.

Jason has instructed Green Horizon Energy to come in and insulate the property with their Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Services they will be focusing on the roof insulation and underfloor insulation.