Digital marketing is a rapidly expanding and diversifying industry, and certainly one that carries an appeal to work in. Digital campaigns are becoming more targeted, impactful and cost-effective via better processes and better people, and a role in marketing can offer great progression and rewards along the way.

So, what does it take to work in marketing?

Who’s a Good Fit for a Marketing Role?

Marketing requires a range of key skills to succeed; some general, some more specialised. Critical thinking, problem solving and the ability to continuously learn and develop are some of the more general attributes required, while knowledge and experience of digital advertising, inbound marketing, analytics and digital tools will all help your cause when applying for specialist roles.

According to Ironpaper, however, the number one skill you require to succeed is strong communication skills across a number of key areas. The ability to express yourself, both in internal communications and external campaigns is essential. Marketing is about telling a story, whether it’s to internal stakeholders or to target audiences. Without the ability to do that, you won’t get very far.

What is Modern Marketing?

It’s worth noting that marketing isn’t all about producing creative campaigns. While launching a successful campaign is the endgame for the industry, modern marketing goes way beyond a team brainstorm and some fancy graphic design.

Today’s industry is completely information driven and is only becoming more data and analytics focused, as advances in technology provide more dynamic tools for marketers to utilise. Thanks to the likes of AI and phone call tracking, businesses are able to really home in on the success of their campaigns, who they should be targeting and how and maximise their return on investment.

Through processes like augmented reality, they’re able to bring more dynamic campaigns than ever, directly to the consumers that want to see them, all off the back of data analytics. With that in mind, marketing is no longer just about creativity. If your skills lie in understanding data, marketing could be the perfect role.

Where Should You Be?

According to Business Insider, the North West is a good place to be to find a role, marketing or otherwise. Manchester finishes second in their ‘best places to work in the UK’ table off the back of its low average home value and a competitive base salary, as well as being a hot spot for digital marketing opportunities. Nearby, Bolton also finds its way into the top ten, whilst Leeds represents Yorkshire and the wider north in sixth.

When it comes to finding marketing opportunities, big city life is your best bet. Cities host big name bases as well as smaller creatives, meaning you can find the agency style that suits you best. Finding the right place depends on your priorities, as a larger name will likely provide more direct progression opportunities but a smaller agency with give you more hands on approach to the industry.

Both sides have their unique benefits, so if you are serious about getting into the world of marketing, it’s worth doing your research on this.

The future of marketing is an exciting one, with more technology, tools and data for industry professionals to take advantage in order to produce better than ever campaigns. If you’re looking for a role with continuous development, progression and innovation, then marketing could be the choice for you.