We live in a world these days that is digital on an unprecedented scale. Everywhere you go and anywhere you see, business owners are always focusing on their digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing are all buzzwords of the industry and everyone from multinational conglomerates to small and medium-sized businesses want to leverage their potential. It is true that these new methods of growing your business is pretty effective and gives you a massive reach in the market.

However, this does not mean that the traditional methods of marketing are useless. They are just as important as deserve as much of your attention because these are time-tested, foolproof methods of growing your business. A quick search of promotional items uk” will give you a whole gamut of options of promotional items to choose from.


One such often-overlooked mode of boosting business are promotional campaigns and promotional items like pens, mugs, t-shirts etc. Those of us who neglect the practice of using such items are missing out on a lot!


Branded giveaways and other such promotional items are simple, yet effective, products that you give away to promote a product or a service. It is like a small souvenir that people can keep with them at their homes or offices that bears the logo or a promotional message of the product in question. It is a constant reminder of the company that gave it to them.


Numbers that support promotional items


We refer to a case study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) in 2016 which studied the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and products. The study found that most people keep promotional products given to them for an average of eight months! In terms of brand awareness and engagement, this is invaluable. Eight months is a million times more face time for your brand as compared to a simple pop-up on a website or a PPC, things that are the cornerstones of the modern digital marketing ecosystem. The actual time that the person kept the item varied on the basis of the item. For example, it was 14 months for an umbrella and 7 months for a cap. Nevertheless, as long as the timeline is being counted in months, it is significantly greater exposure than any other fancy digital marketing technique.


One other finding of the study was that people who received promotional products were very likely to pass them on to others who could use them. Therefore, your promotional message reaches people who were not even in your target segment. The study also showed that 63% of people in the US and 64% of people in Canada are likely to give their promotional products away when they are finished using them.

Receiving a promotional product from a company is also likely to give a positive impression of the company in the mind of the user. This amounts to a positive brand image towards a targeted segment simply by giving away some products. Here’s another statistic for you: a recent article in the New York Times mentioned that businesses in the US give away branded products worth a whopping 20 billion dollars each year!


Why specifically pens?


We are pushing pens as one of the best-branded giveaways for a business because it gives a great return on investment. Here are a few points that further support the notion:


  • Goodwill: Research shows that people view pens as useful gifts. Hey, we all use pens in our day-to-day lives, right? What if it was an awesome pen that was gifted to you by your boss? Wouldn’t you have a positive image of your boss? That is exactly how it works for brands and their target customers.
  • Long-Lasting: Pens last a long time, especially if they are refillable. This means that people are less likely to discard them. That means more engagement for your brand.
  • Cost-Effective: Pens are relatively cheap, and thus the money saved can be put to a lot of good use in building your business. A simple Google search for promotional pens uk” will tell you that they cost as low as 9 pence per pen!

All these reasons make pens a great promotional product. So book your shipment right now and you’ll surely see greater sales and better customer engagement. Happy Marketing!