Curtains to Keep you Cool.

Whilst Brits everywhere are glad that the sun is shining to break up the monotony from grey skies and endless drizzles day in and day out – Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to justify paying for air conditioning on the odd occasion that the skies open up and decide to bask us in the suns, fleeting, glorious rays of light.

So what can you do to keep this heat at bay whilst you’re recuperating indoors?


Curtains & Roman Blinds.

Blackout Curtains to keep you cool

Throw some shade! 

Blackout Curtains and blinds are excellent for keeping you cool, especially on those days that are uncomfortably humid but you still need some cool respite in the form of breeze flowing through your window with blinds you can adjust them further to allow for extra airflow.
Studies have shown that the right curtain can reduce the temperature of a room by thirty-three percent.

Curtain Valances can further cool the room, making sure that none of that pesky sun creeps in at the top of the window which is especially beneficial when you’re trying to avoid glare on your TV whilst you’ve retreated from the hot summers day to recover to the settee to watch a film with the family.

It’s a good idea to close the curtains or blinds in any room that faces the sun while you’re out for the day, that will ensure your home’s cool all day long, providing immediate respite when you walk through the door.

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Aloe Vera Plant

Moisture released by plants help to lower the humidity, considerably, indoors what’s more they look great whilst doing it!

Some plants handle the task better than others when it comes to keeping you cool, but why not invest in an Aloe Vera plant? The benefit of this is two-fold, The Aloe will help to keep the house cool in summer days, plus should you suffer any sun-burn you can simply cut off a bit of Aloe Vera and use it to treat yourself. Added to that, any pesky bugs that have nibbled on you throughout the day leaving you with an itchy reminder that you were somethings lunch today – The Aloe Vera plant also provides relief from the itching! What a bonus.

If you’re not a fan of Aloe Vera for whatever reason you could always opt for English Ivy, it doesn’t need much sun-light, which is always a benefit if you’ve recently purchased some made to measure blackout curtains, all it needs is for its soil to be kept moist.

Another benefit of having this plant in your home, as well as the lower humidity and ease of care, is that it removes airborne moulds typical of humid places.



Refrigerate your sheets.


If all else fails you could simply put your sheets into the refrigerator shortly before bed, if you’ve been struggling with the heat and humidity throughout the day, this will surely be able to keep you cool whilst you drift off blissfully to the land of nod.


Keep your windows open, curtains closed, sleepwear light and get some rest, for tomorrow the battle with humidity may again be afoot!