Are you looking for the best sectors to invest in within the UK in 2019? While the markets are consistently changing, some sectors are proving to be exceptionally strong. Here, we’ll look at 5 of the most attractive markets to invest in this year.

  1. The healthcare sector

There are a vast number of investments you can make in the healthcare sector. It has been a popular investment sector for over a decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s considered one of the fastest growing sectors too, providing potentially huge returns. 

Due to the aging population, care related investments are particularly lucrative right now. However, you may also want to consider investing in healthcare technology. 

  1. Cyber security

Another very popular sector to invest in during 2019 is cybersecurity. While it has always been popular, due to changes in GDPR, cyber security has become a major interest for businesses across the UK. It is starting to really take off now, providing plenty of awesome investment opportunities within the sector.  

  1. The energy sector

The energy sector is considered one of the most important, said to value approximately $7 trillion worldwide. It is also thought that the demand for energy is going to significantly increase in the near future. Perhaps the most beneficial energy sector to invest in this year is renewable energy. Due to the ever-increasing issues with climate change, a huge shift is taking place within the sector towards cleaner, renewable energy. 

  1. Artificial intelligence

Another sector which has been popular for years, is artificial technology. This year, there is a major focus on developing AI technology, particularly in terms of data. Retail businesses are also quickly adapting AI technologies to help boost their brand and improve efficiency. These types of investments can be tricky however, so it may be worth investing in help from the professionals with asset management

  1. Medicinal cannabis treatments

If you’re looking for a newer sector to invest your wealth into, medicinal cannabis treatments are a great option. Although they have only very recently been approved within the UK, the sector is growing at an extraordinary rate. Now is a great time to cash in on the profitability of this new sector. It’s one of the best sectors you can focus on in terms of long-term profitability. 

As you can see, there are several sectors which are performing well this year. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a sector that you’re comfortable working with. However, you can always seek out professional advice to help you manage your portfolio and generate the biggest returns. You should also consider whether you want to make long-term investments or whether you want to invest in a sector which is going to generate immediate profits.