Caroo, tech start-up, is offering Manchester businesses free recruitment until April 2020. There are no catches, and no recruitment agencies.

Caroo worked with, the largest online-only white goods and electricals retailer in the UK, along with other national brands, to develop the recruitment platform. Since the launch, has posted and filled a number of roles, saving the recruitment team time and money compared to traditional recruitment processes.


In a bid to turn the recruitment process on its head, Chris Piercy, Talent Acquisition Manager at worked with Gareth Peterson, managing director of Caroo, to create a simpler and easier tool to use when reaching talent in the North West.


As a result, Gareth, who worked with other leading businesses across the region, including Adidas, The Hut Group, Boohoo, Dentsu Aegis, to gather insight into their recruitment needs, relaunched the app last month and has now had more than 260 companies and over 12,000 candidates sign up.


Chris Piercy, Talent Acquisition Manager at, said: “Our business is constantly evolving and growing so we need to be able to find candidates with the right skillset and talent that will fit into our culture and ambitions.


“We’re always up for testing new technologies that enable us to not only post roles but also build brand awareness and improve the candidate experience.


“As the employer, we list what the role requirements are, the system matches it with people that fit those requirements, it then pushes a notification to relevant matches and where there’s interest from both employer and candidate, gives us an opportunity to chat. It sounds so simple, but for us this is a game changer.


Gareth Peterson, managing director of Caroo, said: “We constantly carry out research with HR professionals, talent teams and business owner/managers from some of the UK’s biggest brands through to SME’s, asking them what they wanted to make recruitment easier. It was clear that time wasted by going through CVs is one of the biggest frustrations they face. Our platform removes this task by simply matching skills held with skills required and presenting a timeline of career highlights.


“Don’t look to technology to solve your problems. Look at where the experience is falling short and how it can be improved, then use tech as the enabler for a better or new experience. Too many people throw around buzzwords like AI and expect this to solve their problems. We want to create an experience that makes keeping an eye on the job market easy for candidates and allows brands to expose their brand and chat to relevant talent.”


The app uses algorithms to identify and match candidates for tech, digital and creative roles as well as all head office functions. Candidate profiles are anonymous, and no data is collected on gender, age, or race etc – it’s purely down to skills, interests and experience.


The platform is free to any businesses within the North West until April 2020 and is free for all candidates too.


For further information on Caroo please visit its website