If you love designing the interiors and home décor is your passion, you have landed on the right spot! Your work obviously speaks for your love for designing homes. Your work should be your best representative to put in front of your clients – they obviously need to know your calibre before trusting you to design their space. Getting good clients is one of the toughest struggles for interior designers (just as in any other business). Either it is driving traffic to your website, converting a lead into a client or becoming more known in your genre– there is so much to consider in the process of trying to grow your business.

Whether your business is a well established one, or you are just starting, there’s always this need of getting known around for good work. If you aren’t capable of reaching out to clients and showing off your talent in public, you’ll be stagnating in your position, and your business may never grow. It’s sad to know how many interior designers who have creativity worth creating magic aren’t blooming just because they don’t know how to maximise their reach.

How can you broaden your interior design business?

An interior design business is just like any other business, but strives on uniqueness and creativity! Even this business demands broadening up horizons and timely upgrades (just like any other genre needs). That is why it is important to know the various ways in which you can make it famous, and thus climb ladders of success faster. Read below the ways through which you can maximise reach of your interior design business:

  • Are you on google? — How many times have you searched on google maps for something near you, and headed straight to where the map leads you? And remember that you always try to tag that location on Instagram stories and getting the desired location on your Instagram page? This is the difference being on google maps can make. You can get yourself listed as, “interior designer near me” around your location, and get a good reach. This would directly load more clients in your kitty and you’ll get the desired attention you demand! So, when are you getting yourself listed as a good interior designer on google?
  • Phenomenal pictures are much needed, don’t you think so? — A picture is a silent communicative weapon! Don’t you think you should use it to create awareness about your past phenomenal work? You can get new clients running towards you if they view your exceptional work clicked beautifully by an experienced photographer, who is the Best in Interior Design Photography like Andy Gore Photography experts. Don’t you think you are wasting the chance to get your astounding creation viewed by millions by not getting your superbly designed interiors clicked by an expert photographer? Work on it right now to get the desired exposure for your business.
  • Business collaterals should be an all rounder for your business— Don’t you often pick up a portfolio of a certain company or service to check everything about them before contacting them? Also, the various pages you check on Facebook to understand the basic work strategy of some company or person also let’s you know so much about the ones you are inquiring about. Don’t you think your clients would be checking the same before hiring you too? Isn’t the need of creating good, precise yet impressive business collaterals necessary too? Be sure to gather all the important details and list them on your portfolio, social channels, prospectus, etc. to let your clients know more about your work.
  • Collaborations and creating a tribe are the key to success — Succeeding in business is all about making good connections — remember the quote? Impressive, isn’t it?! Well, it is more awesome when it’s put to use practically. It’s an easy procedure to get hold of a client if you are connected with the various house building departments — like staying connected with brokers and builders who can refer your name for interior designing, or establishing a good rapport with various suppliers and handymen. And even creating a friendly yet professional connection with architects and home inspectors does help in getting work for each other. So, if you want to grow well and attract more clients, the first thing you should do is build friendly ties with everyone in the home selling and building community. The work and fame you can get through them can be commendable.

Performing all these tasks to grow and evolve better in business can be tough! What we advice is to try each of these strategies one by one. In this manner you’ll achieve the desired fame and work, and also know which strategy worked the best for you! Happy client hunting!