The past decade has featured many incredible transformative changes in the way that businesses use technology. The continual development of new technological tools and software and the increasing willingness of businesses everywhere to use these to their advantage has made continual improvement in this area the new normal.

Taking the time to reflect on some of the changes and improvements in business technology over the 2010s is a good way to see where your business has managed to stay competitive and where it might be able to improve. Looking for some of the changes that your business has yet to fully adopt will allow you to make the modifications to your business processes that will help you to stay prepared for and competitive in the years to come.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways that the 2010s changed the way that businesses use tech forever.

Changes In UK Accounting Software

The 2010s saw big changes in the area of accounting software for UK businesses. While bookkeeping has long been a tedious process with many errors made when tasks were completed manually, there is now no need for this. Contemporary accounting software and even cloud accounting software allows businesses to reap the benefits of enhanced security, flexibility and accuracy that would have been hard to imagine ten years ago.

If your business has yet to incorporate the latest benefits from contemporary accounting software, then now is a good time to look into this.

Tech And The Gig Economy

The advent of the internet and the rise in mobile phone usage has allowed the gig economy to flourish over the past ten years. For big companies such as Uber, technology has not only allowed them to rise to the top but has also paved the way for their very existence. Although such companies have experienced many growing pains during the last decade, the use of technology to facilitate freelance and flexible work is expected to increase during the coming years.

Increasing Tech Affordability

Even for small businesses that do not yet operate on a large scale, the 2010s saw the prices of major technological tools fall dramatically. Tech items such as 3D printers, for example, would have been hard to afford for emerging businesses only ten years ago. Now, they are increasingly commonplace in offices around the developed world.

Shifting Towards Mobility

Mobile phones underwent continual improvement and refinement over the last decade. Businesses everywhere struggled to keep up with the best way to approach the shift towards mobile-first indexing with the Google algorithm. App development became standard for even the smallest businesses to ensure that the customer experience was streamlined.

It was only ten years ago when the 4G network was first introduced into many countries around the world. This technological development allowed companies to collect and use diverse new sources of customer data for enhanced decision-making. If your business has yet to engage with these exciting changes in a meaningful way, then the timing has never been better.

Looking Back For Opportunities

While successful business owners typically must look towards the future to ensure the prosperity of their company, the inspiration for decision-making comes from a deep look into the past. By reflecting on some of these tech trends, you will be better able to see what has changed and worked well in the recent past. Take some guidance from the positive developments and avoid the mistakes that have been made to ensure that the 2020s are good years for your business.