Leisure and business travellers alike will be pleased to hear the works being undertaken on one of the UK’s busiest airports are set to be complete in the summer of 2020. Whether you’re planning your summer vacation with the family or your business travel calendar for September onwards, Manchester’s airport will be the ideal hub for getting to and from a plethora of destinations across the world.

What can travellers expect from the expansion?

Some projected imagery has been released; travellers will be in awe of the new honeycomb light installation in the departure lounge, plus an 83 sqm digital screen in the centre of the lounge, providing entertainment and important information for passengers. 

For those travelling with children, you won’t be disappointed. Families will be able to make great use of the new children’s play area; ideal if you’ve got a long wait or are part way through a long haul flight. 

Andrew Cowan, CEO of Manchester Airport, commented on the developments so far:

“We’re delighted with the progress that’s been made on the project and we can’t wait for passengers to experience the new facilities next summer.”

When is new terminal due to be open to the public?

The expansion will open in two phases. The first phase of Terminal 2’s expansion is set to open in July 2020. This will boast a new security hall, departure lounge, immigration hall, arrivals hall and bus gate lounge. Following this the new check-in desks and baggage reclaim areas will then open. 

The second phase will be the complete reopening of Terminal 2, which is expected in 2022. The expansion will be 150% bigger than the original, boasting 32 new shops, eateries and bars. Post phase two, the remaining terminal and airfield infrastructure is projected to open in 2024.

With Manchester Airport serving over 29 million passengers a year, the new development will be a great relief for travellers and businesses alike. 

Will the new expansion benefit businesses?

No matter the goods you export across the world, the expansion of Terminal 2 will allow these transactions to be completed in a smoother and more timely manner. As Manchester already handles over 117,000 tonnes of air cargo annually, making it the largest concentration of freight forwarders outside of London, this redesigning and expanding of the existing facilities, will relieve some of the pressure on existing air cargo charter services

Although a large and ambitious project, Manchester Airport has already benefitted from the changes made in phase one of the expansion, with a new passenger pier and 3,800 space multi-story carpark; we look forward to seeing the outcome of phase two and seeing how it will continue to benefit both leisure travellers and businesses alike.