1 Month in 1 Minute With huddled Transcript

Starring Suzanne Goddard and Joe Dolman

Suzanne: Hi, I’m Suzanne

Joe: and I’m Joe

Suzanne: and this is

Together: 1 month in 1 minute

Suzanne: September has been a really great month for huddled. We’ve had loads of really interesting news articles and stories. One in particular which stood out to me was Ziferblat’s new branch opening in St Paul’s Square in Liverpool. You can read all about that on our website.

Joe: September has been a busy month for huddled videos. We had Kelly Saynor in from Renew Medical Aesthetics, who talked to us about her unique industry and how she’s grown as an entrepreneur.

Suzanne: We also went to the Business of Blogging event at Old Granada Studios and this was a really great evening where we got to meet a lot of bloggers and brands.

Joe: Following on from Kelly, Colin Shenton from Ziferblat came in and talked to us about his unique business where you don’t pay for the coffee, you pay for the time. All of these videos can be found on our huddled website.

Suzanne: We’ve got more events coming up in October so please stay tuned for next month’s video where we will be talking about Thinking Digital and also the Olympic Welcome Home Parade.

Joe: Thank you for watching! I’m Joe.

Suzanne: I’m Suzanne

Joe: And this has been 1 month in 1 minute

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