Clair came to huddled to tell us about Cube3, one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Manchester. Being a restaurateur herself she offers a well rounded view of what it takes to make it in business today.



Clair Morris – Cube3 Transcript

I’m Clair Morris and I’m communications director at Cube3.

Can you explain your business in one sentence?

Cube3 in one sentence: we build business with creative thought and action.

What separates you from the competition?

I think that we’re different from other agencies because we’re all entrepreneurs just like our clients. Look at marketing in the round, sales and marketing working in harmony because we’re all about the bottom line.

What have been the highlights of your company so far?

2015 has had so many highlights but for me the growth of the communications department has played a critical role in how we’ve developed as an agency. Bringing together content across strategic channel planning using paid, earned and owned media has delivered extraordinary results for our clients.

What qualities help to succeed in your industry?

At Cube3 it’s a blend of commerciality and creativity that I think is hard to find in other agencies.

Why would new businesses choose Manchester?

Why wouldn’t they?!

Which local companies would you recommend?

What other local companies would I recommend? UKFast, Revolution and Revolución de Cuba, our clients of course, Workplace, Mob Films, WhiteNoise and huddled – all great clients and partners of Cube3.

Who are the influential people in Manchester?

For me, some really influential people in the Manchester business scene are Carl Barker and Phil Ogden from Cube3, Paul and Justin Yates from Online Ventures and Lawrence Jones of UKFast.

What is the benefit of working in Manchester?

The main benefit of working in Manchester is that being part of a digital and creative community that is really willing to work together. With organisations like Manchester Digital and agencies partnering to deliver results for clients, it really feels like we’re all pulling together for the city.

Your favourite place to eat and drink in Manchester?

My favourite place in Manchester to eat and drink is the restaurant that I own called Yard and Coop in the Northern Quarter. Shameless plug: it’s on Ed Street and serves the finest buttermilk fried chicken that you’ll get in the north so go and check it out.


Thanks for watching, I’m Clair Morris from Cube3 and I’ve been huddled.




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