Clinical Director of Renew Medical Aesthetics, Kelly Saynor paid us a visit to discuss the benefits of non-surgical cosmetic treatments and how young entrepreneurs have influenced her career.


Kelly Saynor – Renew Medical Aesthetics Transcript

What’s your name, position and where do you work?

My name is Kelly Saynor and I am the new clinical director of Renew Medical Aesthetics in Macclesfield.

Describe your business in one sentence.

It is non-surgical cosmetic treatments for everyday people.

What separates you from the competition?

Well, I’ve got lots of experience, I’ve been doing this for about thirteen years so the qualifications that I have do set me apart, I think.

What have been the highlights of your company so far?

Setting up on my own, I would say is the highlight of me sort of being at the pinnacle of my career so far.

What qualities are needed to succeed in your industry?

I think you need to be a really tenacious person, I think you need to be fairly assertive. I think you need to have a clear vision about what you want to do and to be a hard worker, really understand people, I would say.

Why do new businesses choose Manchester?

I think Manchester’s really up and coming, I think with the growing industries up here, with MediaCity etc., things like that. I think it makes Manchester really fun and exciting. There’s lots happening, there’s lots going on, so I think it’s really key that Manchester’s really made it’s own way on the map.

Who are some local companies you would recommend?

So, local companies for me, I think I’d recommend people that were in a similar position to myself, so people that are self-employed, working for themselves, and there’s some really good up and coming local businesses in Manchester.

Who do you think are the most influential people in the local business scene?

Again, it’s probably a similar sort of answer, really, but the most influential for me are people like, maybe, Sarah Willingham, you know, one of the Dragons, but other people like myself, so self-employed people, young entrepreneurs, I think they’re the ones that I take most influence from really.

Do you have any advice for new businesses in Manchester?

I think I would probably say to any new business starting up, is to a really good understanding of your markets, have a clear vision of where you’re starting and where you want to get to and I think that then you’ll be absolutely fine.

What’s the main benefit of working in Manchester?

The people. The people are great. It’s a really diverse city now and I think that, you know, the local surrounding communities. There’s loads of support for new businesses in Manchester and I’ve really felt that.

Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Manchester?

Well actually, just opened up near me is the sister to Didsbury’s The Lime Tree, The Lime Tree in Bollington, so that’s brilliant, we love going there, it’s really popular, it’s really young, it’s really funky.

Thank you so much for watching I’m Kelly Saynor from Renew Medical Aesthetics and this was huddled.

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