Mark Cherry from GoToJobBoard came to visit us at huddled to discuss what makes his company stand out and why Manchester is fantastic for business growth.


Mark Cherry – GoToJobBoard Transcript

What’s your name, position and where do you work?

My name is Mark Cherry and I work as the operations manager for

Describe your business in one sentence. is an online community exclusively for non-medical NHS and healthcare professionals.

What separates you from the competition?

What we like to do is try and  focus on quality over quantity. So it’s not about how many applications you get and how many job postings you add, it’s all about the quality of those job posts and the quality of those applications. We’re also the only job board to actually focus on the non-medical NHS professionals.

What have been the highlights of your company so far?

The highlight of my company so far has probably been when we got in the ITV news and the Daily Mirror with our unsung hero awards from last year. That’s designed to find non-medical NHS professionals who do an amazing job, go above and beyond and actually get them the recognition they deserve.

What qualities are needed to succeed in your industry?

Qualities to succeed in this industry would probably have to be determination, perseverance and above all, I’d probably say integrity as well.

Why do new businesses choose Manchester?

I’d say new businesses choose Manchester simply because it’s an amazing place to live and work. The amount of opportunities that are available in Manchester in my mind are unparalleled with so many big businesses moving up to Manchester now, the networking opportunities are just phenomenal.

Who are some local companies you would recommend?

Local companies, I’d probably have to say theEword has been a fantastic asset for us. They’re an amazing digital marketing agency that have taken us from achieving certain levels of success to really expanding our horizons and growing us way beyond what we expected to achieve in such a short space of time, anyway.

Who do you think are the most influential people in the local business scene?

I’d probably have to go for charities like Pro Manchester and Forever Manchester. I’ve done a lot of work with a lot of different companies and these names keep cropping up as organisations that really help support the business community. And I think the work they do is phenomenal.

Do you have any advice for new businesses in Manchester?

I have to say, don’t ever stop. There will be times when it looks really dark, it looks like it’s not going to work, the idea you’ve come up with isn’t good enough. I always have the same mindset that you just have to keep going and learn from mistakes. More importantly, make mistakes, make as many as you possibly can as long as you learn from those mistakes and actually do something about it and just keep going, keep persevering. You will actually achieve what you want to.

What’s the main benefit of working in Manchester?

I’d have to say the main benefit of working in Manchester for me – there was a time when I actually desperately wanted to move down to London because i thought that’s where you had to go if you wanted to work for a successful business. I’ve completely changed that mindset now and I think that Manchester’s got an amazing work/life balance not to mention all the opportunities there are up here now with the bigger businesses moving up to Manchester like the BBC and all the banks that are sort of setting up operations here now. They have so many different opportunities, and the networking you can achieve in Manchester is unparalleled.

Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Manchester?

A favourite place to drink has probably got to be the George Charles Pub in Didsbury. I went there the other weekend and the guy served me a James Bond vodka martini, we had a long discussion about it as I’m a massive fan of James Bond.

Favourite place to eat, despite the fact that I’m a massive fan of pizza and Italian food I’m going to have to say Gaucho’s because I’ve never quite had a steak like anywhere but Gaucho’s.

Have you got any final words?

I suppose if you were to look at what we’ve achieved in the time we’ve been going as a business for the last two and a half years, we’ve had a lot of setbacks, we’ve made a lot of mistakes, but we’ve never lost that end goal and that end goal has always been we work in Manchester, we love Manchester, we want to focus on Manchester and give as much as we can back to the community as a whole but also as a business it’s been an amazing experience and has really allowed us to thrive being in a location like this.

Thank you for watching my name’s Mark Cherry and I’m from and this is huddled.

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