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Huddled News Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is designed to describe and state how Huddled News processes, protects and makes use of any information submitted to our system.

We take your privacy very seriously and are very vigilant when complying with the GDPR laws set in place on 25/05/2018. Any data we collect is done so in accordance with the regulations set out in the GDPR law and Data Protection Act 1998.

Information we collect

You can submit a press release to the press team through the Huddled News website. You will have the chance to sign up to the newsletter through this form by clicking that you would like to be included in the mailing list. If you choose not be included in our newsletter mailing list, we will not add you to our list. Your email will be kept only to contact you regarding your submission, should there be any issues or extra information needed. We only do this to ensure your press release is processed correctly.

If you decide to sign up to our newsletter the information you have submitted, such as your email address and name, will only be used to send you a personalised email containing our newsletter.

Similarly, you can directly sign up to our newsletter mailing list via another form on the website. When you sign up, we will collect the necessary information that will allow us to send you the newsletter. Along with this we will collect information such as the IP address and time you signed up. This information is only stored so we can show you gave us consent to send you the newsletter.

To distribute the newsletter, we use third party email software such as MailChimp. Email information is stored on their system in order to allow us to send out the newsletter, which are held to high industry standards. We also use their software to check the performance of our emails for statistics such as open and click rates.

You are able to opt out of any newsletter mailing lists by simply clicking the link at the bottom of the email or contacting Huddled News directly at 0844 848 7000 or emailing us at

There are only a select group of staff that have access to the mailing list and email marketing tools, which are both password protected. Other than the email tools, we don’t share your data with any other third parties.

At any time, you can request access to the data we hold about you and request any of your data to be deleted. You can do this by contacting our Privacy Policy Officer (Martin Vernon) at

Upon this request, any information we hold about you will be deleted immediately.

Social Sharing and Links From Our Site

Throughout Huddled News, we have links that direct users to various external sites. These websites are not controlled by Huddled News and we are therefore not responsible for the information provided to these sites.

We also use social sharing buttons on our website. If you choose to share any information from the Huddled News website, the log in details you use on the social media platform you choose will be handled by that social media provider. Huddled News does not have access to this information.


Cookies are files placed on your computer that allow websites to identify your computer as you browse different pages. They allow for information to be collected that can be used for targeted advertising, marketing and for statistical analysis. By collecting information relating to browsing habits and personal preferences, they also allow for a more personalised web experience.

You can alter the settings in your browser to decline cookies, but please be aware that this may have a negative impact on the way you are able to access and use the website.

The cookies we use on this website include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Remarketing

We will update this list if there are any changes to the cookies we use. If you would like more information on these, please contact the team at

If you would like to opt out of our website storing cookies on your computer, you can change the settings in your browser.

Information on altering your Facebook settings can be found here

Information for opting out of Google’s cookies can be found here

For more information about cookies and how they are used, visit All About Cookies.

Google Analytics

To provide a better website experience for our users, we use a third party analytical tool called Google Analytics. This tool allows us to see and review statistics relating to the performance of pages on the Huddled News website. This includes the number of views a particular page has had or the average amount of time users spend on pages.

The information collected by Google Analytics is anonymous and doesn’t provide the personal information of any user to visits the website. We will also never request any personal information.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend information provided in this privacy policy at our own discretion.

Our privacy policy was last updated 29/05/2018.


Please contact Huddled News via the following:

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Phone: 0844 848 7000